I actually made a seperate set of flash cards just to help me memorize all the acronyms. It helped. I reccomend you do it too. I do not include acronyms for all the contract types here. This list includes just what's pertinent for PM formulas or is otherwise referred to on this website.

AC - Actual Cost, (aka ACWP)
ACWP - Actual Cost of Work Performed, (aka AC)
ABP - Agressive But Possible
AUW - Authorized Unpriced Work
BAC - Budget at Completion, (aka PMB)
BACP - Actual Cost of Work Performed
BCR - Benefit Cost Ratio
BCWP - Budgeted Cost of Work Performed, (aka EV)
BCWS - Budgets Cost of Work Scheduled, (aka PV)
BEI - Baseline Execution Index
CA - Control Account
CBB - Contract Budget Base
CBR - Cost Benefit Ratio
CPI - Cost Performance Index
CPLI - Critical Path Length Index
CV - Cost Variance
DCF - Discounted Cash Flow
DUR - Duration
EAC - Estimate at Completion
EF - Early Finish
EMV - Expected Monetary Value
ERR - Economic Rate of Return, (aka IRR)
ES - Early Start
ETC - Estimate to Complete
EV - Earned Value, (aka BCWP)
FV - Future Value
GIGO - Garbage in garbage out
IBR - Integrated Baseline Review
iNAV - Indicative Net Asset Value
IRR - Internal Rate of Return, (aka ERR)
JIT - Just in Time
LF - Late Finish
LRE - Latest Revised Estimate
LS - Late Start
MIRR - Modified Internal Rate of Return
MR - Management Reserve
NAVPS - Net Asset Value Per Share
NCC - Negotiated Contract Cost
NEAT - Net Income After Taxes
NEBT - Net Income Before Taxes
NPV - Net Present Value, (aka NPW)
NPW - Net Present Worth, (aka NPV)
OTB - Over Target Baseline
PERT - Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PMP - Project Management Professional
PMB - Performance Measurement Baseline (aka BAC)
PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge
PP - Planning Package
PTA - Point of Total Assumption
PV - Planned Value, (aka BCWS)
PV - Present Value
ROI - Return on Investment
ROM - Rough Order of Magnitude
ROR - Rate of Return
SD - Standard Deviation
SLPP - Summary Level Planning Package
SPI - Schedule Performance Index
SV - Schedule Variance
TAB - Total Allocated Budget
TCO - Total Cost of Ownership
TCPI - To Complete Performance Index
TVM - Time Value of Money
UB - Undistributed Budget
VAC - Variance at Completion
WP - Work Package